Benefits and Uses of Old Rubber Wheels


Tyres are a problem, danger and risk to the environment. People easily and simply discard or throw away tyres not thinking about the harm it can cause the environment. These tyres that are discarded become an ideal ground for mosquitoes to breed in and other disease carrying animals. The water in the tyre waits for a long time because of its round and hollow shape. Some people used hoard discarded tyres to burn outdoor and this creates an ugly rubber smelling black smoke that contains a lot of toxic compound. These toxic chemicals also pollute the water and then this will affect the health of the people. Tyres cause problems in landfills too.
Tyre recycling is not an easy task with millions of tyres sitting in backyards, empty lots and river beds. Recycling tyre is consider a much harder task and a problematic source of waste is because of the raw materials used in constructing the tyre is durable and tough to break down to recycle.
However, today a  tyre recycling machine can be used to utiilize tyres now can be profitably recycled into many various useful products. Today many companies assist in using tyres as a valuable waste. The market is growing rapidly for recycling of tyres. Recycling of tyres is when the old tyres that are worn out, torn or damaged are converted back in to useful types of products.
There are number of benefits in recycling the tyres. The main features of recycling tyres are:
• Recycled products are marketable• Waste is converted to energy• Maintaining of natural resources• Rubber production is cheaper• Emissions emitted are reduced
There are many techniques used in recycling rubber. Some factories use tyres as an alternative fuels in utility boilers. Tyres are used as a substitute to coal, wood, and natural gas. The recycle products that are used from old tyres are fuel, carpet padding, shower tiles, speed bumps, roads and several more other products. A positive point in recycling tyre is that tyres can be recycled over and over again.
Recycling the tyres will benefit the environment greatly. It will reduce landfill spaces, prevent of diseases spreading and reduction in less toxic chemicals in to the atmosphere. However with new technologies being developed, cost effective methods are used in producing new tyres from old tyres and also helping to reduce the chemical toxic in the air. Landfills sites that had stockpiles of old tyres are now recycled. There by making the environment green clean and making it a better place to live for the coming generations.