Benefits Provided By Fuel Or Service Cards

Shell cards help simplify administration and decrease costs by managing the fleets. It helps control expenses and receives fast detailed reports. Shell cards are good for international business. It offers services and tools in reducing operating costs and ease fleet management. These shell cards also help in providing secure and efficient way in buying quality fuels, extensive access in a national network and many options can be chosen in online tools to help manage business.

Shell cards are provided in many countries. Shell card Australia also have benefits in competitive pricing, online fleet management, fuel management control, access to quality fuels and extensive national network and customer services.
Shell card Australia has competitive pricing. The pricing are tailored to support your precise needs in refueling. It also includes 51 days of interest free with no transaction fees and monthly card fee of two dollars per card per month. It also has fuel management control too. It helps notify card activities also complete card management, cancel, order or modify online and reporting on purchase control.

It also has restriction on purchasing option, that is you are able to manage your costs by applying control and restriction in purchasing the fuel types, products or services the cardholder can access. Also able to organize your card deck that is you can assign each card to a vehicle or to a person. Also allocation of cards to a specific cost center for accounting is possible. This card also provides in choosing odometer entry prompts with each fuel purchase and this assist in calculating the fuel consumption and monitor the drivers conduct and performance. It can also choose additional data entry order number prompting which consists up to 9 digits with each purchase of fuel.

Also shell card prevents fraud. That is all shell cards are provided with protected PIN code. Also smart alert emails can be set to notify if any card activity takes place outside the perimeter you have set. Shell card provides 24/7 card blocking services that is cancelling cards anytime even via shell card online or you can speak to a customer service representative anytime anywhere to help block stolen or lost cards. Different businesses operate differently and some need more control measures than others. Shell cards provide smart report for easy cost management.  This smart report has two extra features that is smart alert and fuel management summary report. This assists and helps businesses in managing their fleet expenditures. Shell card also provides online fleet management, which is spending more time driving your business and reducing claim producers.