Heavy Machinery Maintenance Tips To Prevent Injuries

Maintenance of earth moving machinery is not an easy job as it requires a whole lot of effort in addition to proper maintenance. It is very important to take precautions in order to prevent major accidents with heavy machinery taking place regularly that might even lead to death of many workers. If you want to prevent deaths and injuries caused due to heavy machinery, you should follow the tips listed below.

Machineries should be well lubricated

If the machinery is not lubricated then every moving part of the machinery will end up failing. Also, it leads to the creation of high friction which causes massive wear and tear on the equipment. The lifespan of the machinery parts gets shortened and hence lubrication of machinery is highly recommended for the wellness of your company and your employees. However, you have to be careful not to add excess lubricant to your machinery as it causes loss of energy, issues related to seal and accumulation of excess grease. In order to prevent this issue, you should consider lithium complex grease as it fixes your problem.

Keep your machinery away from dirt and debris

Dirt and debris often cause damage to all important parts of your machinery and you end up spending excessively on getting them all repaired. To keep dirt away from machinery, you have to go for best of seals and filters. If the seals are broken, it should be repaired instantly. Also the machinery should be sheltered properly as it avoids catching rust. Using this great lithium complex grease also allows you to keep your machinery less contaminated as there is no scope for accumulation of grease.

Regular maintenance of heavy machinery

If all the checks are done on time, you and your workers are less prone to accidents. Inspect your machinery regularly and maintain a schedule. The seals and gaskets play a prominent role and hence you should inspect these parts more often. The pulleys and belts should be well aligned. Bolts should not be stretched and hence regular checks or inspections to help you to understand the condition of your machinery well.

Pay close attention for any wear and tear issues

When the daily operations are going smoothly, you should be cautious towards signal problems to avoid malfunctioning of machinery which may result in replacement of components or repairs. Also, it can lead to serious accidents that may be harmful for your workers. Check for signs such as excess heat production, vibration, shape of the belt and so on as these are warning signals that can help you from mishaps if timely action is taken. Lastly train your workers thoroughly on operating all your machinery so that they are well versed with every machinery parts.