How To Remove Graffiti – Various Processes

What is the best process to remove the graffiti from the walls of the private company, archeological monuments, and private space, home and office buildings? Well, many will come with plethora of techniques, but choosing the right one is important for vandalizing the illegal drawings on such public and private properties. Though it graffiti is illegal in many countries, yet you will find plenty on them while moving around the street. Let’s discuss some really helpful methods to remove those graffiti.
Pressure washing processRemoving graffiti from the walls is a very painstaking task and can only be done by the professionals. In order to erase the illegal drawings, you need to think of the pressure rating. You can add chemicals, but there is a high chance that the surfaces will be damaged.

Applying hot water at a certain pressure will not harm the bricks and mortars, but will effectively remove the stains from the wall. This process is more used for removing graffiti from metal surface. Water blasting is effective at times and can clean up larger area more quickly. If you are not familiar with the work then the skilled and trained graffiti removing staffs can help you out with the proper handling of the machines.
Using chemicals to remove graffitiFor deep and effective cleansing, higher level of pressure along with chemicals is required. Sometimes, chemicals become necessary depending on the nature of the graffiti and nature of the walls. The chemicals are present in the market in various forms like spray, gel and liquids. These chemicals should be applied according to the instructed manner and you should wear protective gears while handling the work. However, it is beneficial if you hire graffiti removing company to take care of the work in a professional way, check this reliable commercial pressure cleaners.
Sand blasting methodThough it is a very effective method, yet sand blasting method is applied very less because of two major reasons. Firstly, the process is time consuming and it may leave an outline of the illegal artwork on the walls. So, it’s better to pick up water pressure washing or chemical method to clean up the graffiti.
Repainting the wallsWhen there is no other option to remove the graffiti, repainting stays as the only option. However, before the repainting work is done you need to use turpentine to remove the graffiti first. The entire area should be painted so that there is no mark of graffiti. For historical monuments or architects, painting is not an option and so in these cases water pressure washing process should be applied. This process also does not harm the structure like chemical removing process does.