The Fight For Survival For Man And Animal

As the destruction to earth grows in leaps and bounds through the hands of human beings, we humans need to stop check our action with the need for progress. Deverlopment is not the end to all that we need; taking care of the one and only planet that can host life needs to be protected with every breath we take.
It is a fact that nature has given us humans much resources underground, however the way we extract the natural resources by non destructive digging service need to be taken in to account before any machinery even touches the ground. Non-destructive digging needs to be the key word when it comes to mining or digging out what we need.
Humans and animals have lived on this earth for thousands of years; however it is only in the last 200 years or so as the industrial age came about that man has started gain knowledge about the wealth that is available underground. Unfortunately for humans the knowledge for caution when digging has not yet penetrated their minds due the greed of their species. Underground minerals and oil have played a major part in the Industrial Revolution which marks a foremost point in history. Just about every characteristic of day-to-day life is predisposed in some way. However the need for non-destructive digging has eluded the minds of humans as they blank themselves with the grandiose of wealth.
Caution should be the key word before drilling

In the last 100 years, the typical pay and populace arose to display unparalleled constant development. Some professionals say that the chief influence of the Manufacturing Revolution was that the usual way of living for the over-all populace started to intensify steadily for the first time in human existence , even though others have held belief that it did not necessarily  begin  to feelingly recover until the late 19th and 20th periods. In the past century, individuals have been excavating inland waterway and constructing dams, so that they could obtain water out of it to advance and cultivate farming and building homes for people. We have built many numerous waterways for underground location services Melbourne and drained ever so much water that the usual movement of water has been intermittent.
All major environmental organizations have made assertion that the drilling industry is improvised and unable to control a major oil spill which is clearly backed by scientists. Human beings do not have the knowledge, nor the structure, to deal with the detailed encounters of a tragedy in this areas. There is unquestionable scientific proof   that an oil slick anywhere in the world is unavoidable if drilling continues.