Things to Know About Hydrostatic Pressure Test Services


A hydrostatic test is one of the most effective ways in which pipelines, boilers, blood pressure vessels, gas cylinders and plumbing can be tested for any signs of leaks and other defects. Basically, the operator will need to fill the pipe system, container or the vessel with a liquid – oil or water. However, water is the most common liquid used to perform this test. More often than not, the water is dyed to assist in visual inspection. The detection of the leak will be made easier if the water is colored. This is the most common method used to test the strength and leaks in pipes, containers, vessels and boilers. This process is also made easier by a hydrostatic test pump.

Generally, the hydrostatic pressure test is according to the specifications of the customer or industry. At times, the service is required by the law. Usually, the vessel or container is filled with an incompressible liquid. As aforementioned, water and oil are the popular liquids used to perform this test. Fluorescent or red dyes may be used to make the leaks more visible. The operating pressure ought to be lower than the test pressure in order to ensure safety.

It is believed that this technology has been used for many years. And nothing has been raised by critics to challenge its effectiveness. However, there are a few things that make this technology not completely accurate, which shall be addressed later on.

The pressure test was first used around 1950s. In this day and age, however, this concept has taken a whole new meaning. A lot of improvements have been made, thereby making it even more effective. Companies that want to test the performance of their vessels and pipes are often advised to hire a pressure testing service. The testing technicians will verify all the tubes, boilers, cylinders and other pressure vessels in case they have leaks or defects that may cause leakage.

For small vessels, the water jacket test is normally used. The vessel is visually examined by a pressure test specialist. Normally, the vessel is pressurized for no less than thirty seconds. Most people often ask about the accuracy of this technology. To say the truth, this technology is a bit accurate although one can say it is 100% accurate. There are possibilities of some problems not being detected. It is always a good idea to use this concept to determine the integrity of the pipes and vessels. The process is time consuming and expensive as well. For large industries, they may be required to use more than 40,000 barrels of water. This is quite a lot of water that can fill a pond. Aside from that, the process usually takes a lot of time and downtime will definitely lead to loss of revenue.

All in all, this technology has proven helpful to many industries. There are several pressure test specialists available out there to choose from. Even so, be sure to research before opting for any service provider as not all of them are worth working with. Thus, hire the best of service providers.