Types Of House Framing

These are some great shelf ideas which are not only pretty and practical, but are quite inexpensive. A shelf isn’t something that you should always buy from a store, you can simply make them at home.Building a new home takes so much hard work, dedication and effort of all parties involved. The owner, builder, architecture all these parties will be facing so many challenges and choices. One of the most common choices that they have to meet up with is the house frame type they should use. This is usually something that comes in the initial stage of construction. Depending on the builder’s goals and the owner’s preferences the material used for the frame of the house will vary. To help you understand the options available in this specific section, we have put together this article.


Wood framing is one of the most commonly used type of house framing. These are also known as ‘stick built’ homes. The reason for this material to begin high demand when it comes to framing is simply because it is easy to build and the materials are easy to find. After you build the house frame with wood you can add some wooden roof purlin as well. While these type of house framing is quite popular there are a few cons to it. For starters, these wood has the possibility to attract termites if not chemically treated properly. Also, even if the wood id treated chemically, it can be hazardous or people can even have allergic reactions towards it. This is not the best solution for houses build in areas high in humidity or moisture as wood is subject to contract and expand during such situations.


Another type of house framing which is becoming quite popular among many. Steel stud framing comes with so many benefits. For one, unlike wood, they do not shrink or expand. they stays exactly the same. They are also very durable. The other huge benefit one can gain through this form of house framing is that they are termite-resistant and weather resistant. So, whether your house is in a moist filled area or not, you need not worry. Also, they weighs less than wood. But these also comes with certain downsides like extreme heating. So, if you are living in a sunny area or in an area high in temperature then this might not be the best solution. Also, steel framing isn’t something that every constructor or builder is familiar with. Thereby, you might have trouble finding the builder to get the job done.

Mentioned above are the two most common types of housing frames that you will come across.