Using Natural Stone For Your Walls

The world of architecture does not conform to some basic set of rules. There is no limit to the number of building materials you can use to bring your blueprints to life.

Wood and natural stone have always been some of the more obvious options. But the discerning and imaginative builder knows to look to lime or sedimentary rock stone too.

A rock like no other

Being a stone of a sedimentary rock whose use in architecture dates back thousands of years, it is a popular choice of architects. While its use is not as rampant as it once was, this does not take away any of its benefits. Its abundance, especially here in Australia has seen its use surge in recent years. Perhaps the testaments made by monuments of old has revealed a secret that was once lost to us- that limestone walls in Fremantle stand the very toughest test of time.

Using this natural stone as a building material in numerous applications makes a lot of sense- and not just from a financial point of view. Its aesthetics and versatility make it a very compelling option for wall building. From garden to retaining limestone walls, there is little you cannot use it for.

Advantages of this stone

The durability and versatility aspects of this stone have already been underlined. Its workability is worth mentioning too. Much like concrete, this stone (poured limestone) can be worked into a variety of designs to bring forth uniqueness. Thanks to the elaborate color palette of this stone in its natural state, you can easily select a hue that you want for your walls. You can have different wall panels with color variations that create a distinct visual interest. As an abundantly available material, you can cut costs in your construction through its use, as it costs less than other building materials.

A home built with this natural stone holds the silent promise of longevity. While this stone is not without its weaknesses- it is affected by acid rain- these shortfalls are not likely to ever raise concern.

Finding the right company with the right kind of expertise and experience when it comes to this stone is critical in achieving success with walls. Ideally, a company that understands the intricacies of working with this stone, and whose portfolio includes residential and civil applications should be your best bet. Thankfully, this is an industry that has flourished in Australia, thanks in part to the easy availability of this stone in its natural sources.

For your next construction project (or first), refuse to conform to the notion that concrete and stone are the only building materials that are your disposal. If they thought that the stone was good enough to construct the pyramids, then imagine how good it would be to use it in your home, in whatever scale.