What To Lookout For When Choosing Controlled Environment Wipes

When it comes to controlled environments, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. The question some might ask is what is this? A controlled environment room is an area used by manufacturers of pharmaceuticals or for scientific research which has a low level of dust, chemical vapors and microbes. Due to the work that takes place in such an environment, as said before, cleanliness is a priority. On the other hand find the right sterilization equipment for the cleanliness of your place.


So this is why when it comes to selecting cleanroom wipes, you must pay attention to certain factors such as cleanliness of the material used is important. When it comes to using these products, you need to consider the possibility that when you clear up any messes, the chances of the material leaving behind particles. This is why the best option would be sealed edge synthetic wipes which minimize the particles left behind, but they are the more expensive variety available. 

Absorbent properties

Another factor you should consider when it comes to cleanroom wipes is the absorbent rate of the material. The importance of this arises when clearing up any liquid messes. Now here the best solution to go for is natural fibers as thy have the highest absorbent rate but they have a tendency to leave behind particles from the material. Now synthetic fibers will not leave behind a trace but their absorbent rat is much lower and will prove to be a challenge when wiping to dry.

Compatibility with substances

Since the wipers will be used in sensitive environments, you have to make sure that they will not negatively react with any chemicals or substances in the area. When it comes to chemical compatibility, the safer choice is going with pure synthetics such as knitted fabrics as they have the least tendency to react negatively. If the products will be used in data storage industries, then you also have to look into ion contamination of a wiper.

Wet or dry

Another factor to consider when selecting wipers are whether it should be wet or dry. Dry wipers will be able to clear the surfaces and provide a dry result but they will not trap all the particles. Using a dry wiper has a higher chance of trapping the particles and contaminants to provide a more thorough clean up. Another benefit of wetted wipers is that any particles they trap will leave the environment with the wiper. When it comes to selecting the best choice for wipers, what you need to consider is that given the conditions of the environment, keeping the area uncontaminated is a big deal. This is why you should look into all the factors before making a selection.